In the last few days, one of our contributors (SHAWN FAGO) has been on the receiving end of Anti-War bloggers playing the age old “gotcha” card over military service. And as a Republican girl who openly admits her addiction to Max Blumenthal videos as the ultimate eye-openers… I really want to delve into this Anti-War obsession.

My primary problem with such attacks is that – as usual – most of the folks attacking refuse to utilize Real Name Attribution. While I respect the privacy of folks, let me ask a question: If you picked up your local newspaper – and none of the stories had a reporter’s name attached, no editor was listed, no publication or circulation information was included – just how much confidence would you have in it’s accuracy? neutrality? Sure the first few times it might be okay – but after some time passed – with the accountability discarded, would you feel comfortable accepting the news-as-printed wholesale???

I certainly would not. As the daughter of a brilliant journalist / Army man, it is completely contrary to my nature. My beliefs are worth fighting for – and I am perfectly happy to stand by them. Speech is protected by the First Amendment – why hide behind false arguments? Unless those beliefs advocate illegal acts – then what’s the big deal?

Shame? Or just average, every day cowardice? I don’t know. In any case – the robust dialogue happening is good for us all. This is a great topic – I think I’ll cover it on Monday’s edition of The Media Lizzy Show – streaming live at 3 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific.

I’ll report, you decide.

— Media Lizzy