It’s Labor Day. And Americans are taking home less than they should from their hard-earned paychecks. The unfair burden of the federal income tax stifles personal choices about business, family, the entrepreneurial spirit and individual freedoms. The appropriators in the US Congress spend like drunken sailors to satisfy political deals cut behind closed doors with lobbyists – a. k. a. campaign consultants, advisers, and election law attorneys. Would the implementation of the Fair Tax cut out the political machinations that infuse virtually every appropriations? Is the Fair Tax the real answer to ethics reform?

I will talk with Bill Spillane, the national spokesman from on TODAY at 3 PM Eastern / Noon Pacific — streaming live at BlogTalkRadio. I really recommend a visit to — They have great information available on the 2008 presidential field and their stances on the FairTax. Among the Top three (Giuliani/Romney/Thompson) ONLY Thompson supports the Fair Tax.

I will also look at the 2008 Senate map – Republicans are faced with more than 22 seats up for grabs. Larry Craig is resigning… and, so is Virginia’s Lion – John Warner. Virginia has trended purple in recent years – and a Republican primary is sure to be hard fought. Former Governor Jim Gilmore may face off against Rep. Tom Davis (11th district) – and the effects on the 2009 gubernatorial race are profound. My question is this: with John Hager as the RPV Chair, does that help Davis? or Gilmore? – those of you with years in the RPV trenches know what I mean. One phrase comes to mind: Bring It On!!!

President Bush made a surprise trip to Iraq. SecState Condi Rice is the subject of Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler’s new book- The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy. Words can not express my horror at reading the excerpt in today’s WaPo. Sp, of course, I’ll have to discuss this!

And – finally, finally, FINALLY! Fred Thompson is making it official this week. Media Lizzy will discuss how Fred may stop time – beat the clock – and how he is inspiring Romney & Rudy to sound more “Federalist” in their stump speeches. Yeehaw folks. Look for a in-depth profile the Big Tall Man from Tennessee appearing first at BlogCritics, then here sometime this weekend. I will reignite my defense of Jeri Kehn Thompson, too. It is about time for a First Lady from Gen X.

Let me ask you one question, do you want an angry gal still clinging to the summer of 69 & burning her bra? Or a lovely woman, who knows it is never alright to harm La Perla???

It’s game time. Here kitty, kitty.

— Media Lizzy