There is little so delightful, and so lovely as that moment of surrender. In politics, the lives of the powerful are described in sound bites, quick lies made up by enemies or adversaries, and those afflicted with the polluted judgment of true believerism. Hollywood celebrities see grotesque distortions of their personal choices in grainy photographs in supermarket tabloids.

The average man or woman, however disconnected from power or the red carpet – never really escapes either. Everyone has been a victim of gossip, whether they know it or not. The trick in the 21st Century – is to embrace the reality – without going “Reality TV.”

Mystery and romance seem as if they are distant cousins, almost forgotten in the din of cell phones and BlackBerrys and the beep and whir and the pleasant voice emanating from our new GPS guidance systems… but both still exist. So long as we carve out time for silence, a place where the quiet longing creeps in and fills our senses… the forgotten lover, the new lover, the cyber affair… the almost private connection to another… the person who finds the switch. Hits the switch. And unlocks ecstasy.

— Media Lizzy

There fore, the person who is unable to write letters and notes never becomes a dangerous seducer.” — Soren Kierkegaard