Below are resources and columns past regarding September 11, 2001. But first, with 2008 looming – I feel compelled to net out a few things:

Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton should BOTH be at the WTC Memorial ceremony today. If they had not shown up – they would have been criticized. It’s a Catch 22. No winning strategy for today. Because September 11th is not about strategy. It is about those who died, those who lived, America’s identity as a superpower, and what comes next in the Jihad against us.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Peter Pace broke my heart today during the Pentagon ceremony. To see a combat-tested, decorated Marine stand before us with such humility — well, it makes every death- every soldier sailor airman and marine – that much more omnipresent in the American conscience. I love him.

Joe Biden is the only Democrat running for POTUS in 2008 with a conscience. He gets it. You can’t say you support the troops – then vote against funding for mine-resistant vehicles KNOWING troops will die because of your vote. It’s beyond hypocrisy – it is arms-length fratricide.

Mitt Romney’s campaign looks increasingly desperate. The phoneyfred site – put up by one of Mitt’s paid staffers – disappeared before many folks saw the site. I checked it out before it was pulled – and am wondering what business model dictates spending millions of dollars over two years just to get FOURTH PLACE? Especially when it’s followed up with lame political stunts. I’ll say this – after Mitt deepsixed Larry Craig as a campaign supporter — and with the creativity-laden phoneyfred site… I am beginning to wonder if Mitt isn’t the long lost cousin of Nathan Lane’s angry evil twin. Romney is like a bit actor in Birdcage 3: Tales from the Closet.

I’m wondering why on earth Fred Thompson made the “due process” remark regarding Usama bin Ladin. Hello? Didn’t Howard Dean get made fun of by John effing Kerry for a remark like that in 2004???? Come on, Fred!!!!! (And his staffer Todd Harris didn’t help matters)
Rather than continue with the politics… I will save it for today’s special edition of The Media Lizzy Show – streaming live at 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific.

There has been a great deal of debate… many lives lost.. a seemingly endless war of words. Six years ago today is America’s “Alive Day.” It is the day we lived. Many were lost in a battle few knew we were fighting. In a war we did not understand.

Today, there is Iraq. The Afghan conflict seems a million years ago. The details are beginning to fade for some. Others fear nothing more than the cold, hard truth. Islamic Extremists are so few in numbers… of the world’s population of Six Billion – the Jihadis by the largest estimate are a few million. My money is not just on the US. And not just on our allies. We are a few billion to a few million. There is no reason to fear. Be brave.

We lived.

— Media Lizzy

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