Re: California’s bankrupt, liberal political philosophy, I think Governor Perry of The Great State of Texas nailed it when he told the California Republican Party convention, “It’s a sad, sad state of affairs when liberals campaign like Republicans to get elected, and Republicans govern like liberals to be loved.” I hear he got a standing ovation?

There is just so much material I could use to illustrate the political haven that Texas is when compared to Cali. For instance, our judges are elected not appointed, thereby giving the power to the people where it belongs. Those judges are accountable to the voters, as it should be. Good Texas Republicans revere the original intent of our Constitution, both state and national. Where is that respect in California politics?

However, from personal experience inside the dirty little machine called party politics in California, I thank my lucky Texas stars every night I now go to bed in the Lone Star State. I got involved with the Republican party in Cali with high hopes of helping out the state’s best and brightest conservative minds. Unfortunately, five years later I could count the number of stimulating political discussions I experienced on one hand–and only one of those talks was with someone who had actually gotten into office.

When it comes right down to it, the RNC and the California GOP are suffering from the same thing: repeated hijackings by liberals posing as loyal Republicans. I don’t see the attraction, as there is a thriving party in California eager to embrace more liberals. This same party is guilty of having run the state into the ground. I ask the liberal “Republicans” to expend your energy in the other party. You are the ones creating the voter apathy among conservatives. Why should they vote for you when you smell just like a Democrat?

I encourage California Republicans of substance and backbone to stand strong on behalf of your state. Remember that Texas was blue just two decades ago. Don’t compromise to “win” an election in the shortterm, for you are only losing ground in the longterm. Just say NO to liberals in your party. Now let’s hear what REALLY happened at convention…