Not only has MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (SEE VIDEO BELOW) decided the Romney party is over – thanks Team Romney’s close ties to Warren Tompkins — the polls are showing that after spending millions of his own money to keep his campaign afloat — Romney is stuck in fourth place. No movement, no debate bounce, no progress. For all the bragging about raising $20 mil in the first quarter… he isn’t delivering the goods on the ground.

The McLaughlin brothers… the best (read: my favorite, the smartest, most brilliant strategists) pollsters have a lovely little memo perfectly demonstrating that Thompson’s formal entrance into the race does two things – immediately. First, Romney will never get more than the current market share he’s got, and he may lose more. Second, Rudy Giuliani best gird his loins because it’s game time. And he’s not wearing his big boy, national pants yet.

Fred was born for the role of Republican nominee. And he may be destined for the presidency. (Check out the campaigns beautiful RESPONSE TO ROMNEY) Only time will tell… if I were Hillary’s camp – I would be in a full panic over facing Thompson. Because Fred made one very serious contribution during his time in the US Senate – he chaired the hearings that revealed the Buddist monks fundraising with Gore, the renting out of the Lincoln bedroom, the last group of Chinese fundraisers with less than ethical methods, and the coffees, and and and and…. so, with HRC giving back $850,000 in bundled contributions from Mr. Hsu the Fugitive who was arrested half-naked on a train…. Fred Thompson is the boogeyman she is afraid of.

And Fred’s boys can take on Terry & Bill & Serpenthead without even getting up from their comfy office chairs.

— Media Lizzy

Thanks to the super fellas at The Palmetto Scoop for keeping it real in South Carolina!!!!