Behind closed doors, our nation’s hideaway naughtiness is one part “Eyes Wide Shut” and one part “Stepford Wives.” While my recipe for understanding will undoubtedly change as I start tying my next book together… I have something to share. There are some problems without an obvious resolution. Others require a simple, uncomplicated gesture between two consenting adults.

Allowing some moments, some relationships to exist only briefly – where the banality of everyday life does not enter – is not only a good idea, it is an accepted reality for many inside the halls of power. Sometimes all they are afforded is a moment. Those moments can occur within the confines of a marriage, sometimes not. Finding a way to leave baggage at the door, the sense of urgency and ignited passion as the last remaining bit of honesty inside the Beltway (and many of our State capitols) may just be our salvation. When people reveal themselves as capable of love, of developing a relationship without expectations or baggage… they often are leaders not only of heart, but of minds. And that is one ingredient missing in today’s political dialogue.

With that… below is my current favorite song. The first few lines really express all that needs to be said. Two, three, four times a day… my very thoughts. Ooo-Rah.

— Media Lizzy