I’m just a girl. Butterflies and ladybugs are everywhere today… high thread-count sheets, a nice quiet morning, and hot water with lemon in my favorite cup. Everything is good. Great even.

It is beautiful to be certain.

America needs to fall in love. With our future. And with our past, however complicated and tough that may be. We arrived at this moment in history because we have always believed free thought is a force of nature that transforms the world around it – for the better. We have learned over time to forgive the failures and mistakes of previous generations by taking current technology and forging it with our wide-open capacity for love and unbridled humanity. Are we exhausted? Perhaps… but everyone performs best under pressure.

More than two hundred years as a Republic, young by European standards, our beacon of freedom still burns brilliantly into the night – and nightmare – that is omnipresent in the lives of the world’s children and women and men displaced or destroyed by war, famine, and chaos. WE simply must remember who we are – and be responsible with our Republic, our elections, and our global image. Our ideals are still strong.

And we can’t let domestic political squabbles get in the way of fortifying our Republic. And each other. To the anti-immigration crowd… learn another language. Explore it. You would be amazed what lies beyond the unknown… friends and food and love just waiting, with open arms to accept you in. Such experiences enrich the American life, our American story… they do nothing to diminish our existence.

To the anti-War folks… I recommend reading Judea Pearl’s piece The Death of Relativism in The Guardian. All violence is not equal. We must have red lines – moral relativism is like a prison. Giving permission to our enemies to pursue us beyond the red lines of justice, humanity, and decency is unwise. Espousing tolerance while preaching hate of the president or the troops does not give you the moral high ground. Taking security off the political table – because it is a matter of life and death would build a long political bridge for cooler breezes to blow, and cooler heads to prevail.

2008 is an opportunity to be inspired. To fall back in love with our nation. Our principles. Our common values. Expand our understanding of the world around us. Interact with real voters via the boundless “new media.” Just do it. Of course it ain’t easy… but if France has started this new century with a new outlook, as evidenced by their overwhelming support of President Nicolas Sarkozy, shouldn’t we do the same? After all… they understood our need to be free from the very beginning… remember?

And no, readers, I am not wearing rose-colored glasses today… just making a point that life/democracy doesn’t have to be painful. I am noting that sometimes the path clears itself when we least expect it. And when love comes knocking, open the door. Or get on a plane. Whatever it takes. Making the most of our opportunities as free people is a good thing. It is what separates us from all other forces.

— Media Lizzy