So, my favorite US Senator is retiring next year. As Virginia’s Senior man departs… a mega-fight is brewing. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, the GOP has a primary/convention battle to fight out. But. That does not mean former Governor Mark Warner, who has declared his intent to run for the seat is going to have a cakewalk between now & when a nominee emerges. (I will most definitely get to the Davis v. Gilmore battle – just not today)

Quite the contrary. Mark Warner and his campaign folks may think that because he didn’t run for President that he has escaped the intense personal vetting that comes with such an undertaking. Maybe they think that because life was rosy when he was Governor that it will be rosy now. Maybe they are thinking that Republicans are feeling defeatist and fatigued after the loss of another former Virginia Governor, George Allen, last year.

If Mark Warner believes any of that. He. Will. Lose. Because it ain’t going to be a cake walk. And he will be vetted in a way that will make him wish he was forever in the private sector.

Now that he has a public record, it is time to get busy. But first, everyone is wondering… why didn’t he run for President???

— Media Lizzy

H/T – Virginia Virtucon – A hint at what’s to come for Mark Warner


And my personal favorite among the videos out thus far in Campaign 2008:

And this is indicative of where the GOP will start against Warner: