On MSNBC tonight, Democrat presidential hopefuls will be squaring off in yet another debate. If you are wondering how to improve your debate watching experience, then you absolutely need a trip on the Backroads to the White House, with host ME Sprengelmeyer – and GOP provocateur, anti-immigration activist, presidential hopeful & Congressman Tom Tancredo, Reid Wilson of RealClearPolitics.com, Lynda Waddington of Essential Estrogen, TJ Sullivan and moi – Media Lizzy.

Tim Russert of NBC News will moderate… and I’ll be wondering whether or not someone will ask how Hillary’s healthcare plan, known as TriCare to military folks & veterans, will be different than the 1996 version which has been disastrous. And was more than $330 million in the arrears when Bush took office in 2001. TriCare is a watered down Hillary-care plan, the war in Iraq exacerbated an already stretched & deficient system. No one in Congress has done their Constitutionally mandated approps so far this year – and yet, they are harping about the “issues” and serving the “people.” I’ll have my skeptic hat on tonight. Except for when Biden’s talking. I may purr.

— Media Lizzy, with many thanks to ME!!!!