Yes, I love Vanity Fair. I read it religiously… taking advantage of all the online goodies – but – I prefer my hard copy. There is little so satisfying as a hot cup of bergamot laced tea, curled up in my Ralph Lauren sheets, fresh from a hot shower where I lingered a bit too long – with a virgin copy of Vanity Fair.

I start with Graydon Carter… wondering why such a Lefty is appealing to my Federalist sensibilities. And for a girl who converted to Roman Catholicism last year – I find the Athiest, and new American Citizen, Christopher Hitchens to be the star of my fantasies. Why?

Very simple. Hitchens is brilliant, provocative. Ethereal. Masculine. Refined and Alpha-Dog. (Who could forget his article on the Blow Job! – As American as Apple Pie) This month’s article On the Limits of Self-Improvement, Part I does not disappoint. Undergoing an American-style extreme makeover, Hitchens is exposing that inner-tenderness a smart girl can see in those eyes at 100 paces. He is razor sharp and raw. And even if he is mocking the American way of life – he is embracing us ever closer. I love the candor, revealing all sorts of insecurities that plagues this man’s man who is a bit uncomfortable as a fantasy figure.

Hitchens is the consummate professor for girls of my Generation X league… smart, European – and the mere thought of him evokes our favorite song from our extreme-youth, Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police. Now that I have devoured my VF, where’s that Nabokov book?????

— Media Lizzy