So, this morning I was on my weekly conference call with Barney & Mrs. Beazley. (the Presidential pets) As the last remaining supporters for President George Walker Bush in either political party, the calls are pretty lonely. Instead of pointing finger, Mrs. Beazley always points her tail towards Foggy Bottom. (She is an angry dog….) I have to admit something – I am impressed by how bright Barney is – and handy. For not having opposable thumbs, he types 60 words a minute. Damn amazing if you ask me. He’s the Secretary of our little club, and takes the minutes. He tells me that he keeps telling the President what a bitch “she” is – but, unfortunately, the President doesn’t seem to understand Barney is not talking about Mrs. Beazley.

Also disturbing, I was recently informed by Mrs. Beazley that the President thinks her pointing her tail towards Foggy Bottom is a ladylike way of suggesting she needs to go outside.

Clearly, I have had too much caffeine this morning. I am going out for a run.

For the record, the three of us think it is high time for one last staff change. And yes, our tails are all facing Foggy Bottom.

— Media Lizzy

Photo Credit: White House photo by Joyce Boghosian