Or consumption… funny how a song we love, or hate, becomes associated with a certain person or a relationship, or a shared moment. I can’t help but wonder… once a song is stamped in our memory as part of some mental package that identifies a relationship, can we ever liberate it – and use it again? Or is music the emotional equivalent of a Polaroid snapshot?

Life requires a soundtrack. Some memories need stamping out, others simply fade… and the music remains. Some music is an emotional destination, wanting nothing more than four minutes of our time. Some music represents the tantalizing anticipation before a memory is made.

In politics, there is an intensity absent many other walks of life. It is not bettor, nor worse. Not more significant or important. But the intensity of friendships and alliances, the stakes – Executive authority over a state or Commonwealth, or the country — or legislative control over the same… does create a unique environment.

Politics is filled with internecine wars and open hostility with opposition. There is tension with the people and the press. But inside this world are men and women, with desire burning just under the surface. For power. For love. For silence. For four minutes where someone else is responsible for the message. Intimate moments cry out for a narrative, an expression of the moment where we find a first touch or first kiss or real love. The kind of love that arrives without expectations , baggage, or judgement – existing only for itself – without a timetable, without attachment, just a moment where the only intensity is in the arms of a lover.

Political debauchery is well known, the Larry Craig and David Vitter’s of the world capturing the attention of the press. But there are many, many stolen and cherished moments in this world. Politics is not for the faint of heart, it is high stakes roulette. But then so is love… so is passion.

—– Media Lizzy

For my favorite activist… tu est un rêve.