Well, at least I hope so. In any case… I will be chatting live today at the Rocky Mountain News website with Host Mark Wolf. My money is on a cool post-debate analysis. How was Fred Thompson’s debut? Did he meet or beat expectations? Did McCain keep himself in the race? What about Rudy & Romney, was there spat more about fear of Fred – or is Mitt Romney more than a self-funding Stepford candidate? And when will the opposition research KICK IN???

Maybe there will be a mention on the breaking news – brought to an anxious public by ME SprengelmeyerHillary can tie her shoes. Er, I mean moccasins. (For the record, the USA is not a sensible shoe society. I held my Manolos for comfort this morning!)

So, join me HERE at 1PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific – I’ll be chatting with Mark Wolf, ME Sprengelmeyer and others who choose to participate in this unmoderated debate. I am really hoping some Ron Paul fanatics will participate.

UPDATE: the chat went well. Really well. And – you can check out the transcript HERE. The lead…Elizabeth (Media Lizzy) Blackney and M.E. Sprengelmeyer on presidential politics

Told ya I love The Rocky, and The Rocky loves me.

— Media Lizzy