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Hello all,
Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten anything posted. Been a long last month, tell you what!

I have a few things to cover, but will limit my comments today to wish everybody a Happy Coming Out Day. Well, actually is coming out week, but we’ll just celebrate today. It seems like the last 2 years have been the coming out biennium for the Republican Party. Mark Foley…Larry Craig…Bob Allen (the FL McCain guy from a few months back) and now Louisiana Republican Parish Councilman Joey DiFatta, who was until last week running for State Senate in Louisiana. Too bad he got stopped for suspicion of engaging in lewd behavior…twice…for being a “peeping Tom” in the men’s room in the Dillard’s in New Orleans.

You know I’m all about the scandal…especially when it involves man-loving-men, but now I’m just getting bored. And nauseated. Dillard’s…uggg…how tragic. Bloomingdales anyone? Please?!?!?!

So let’s celebrate “National Coming Out” week as a Republican Party and get all this crap out of the way so we can spend that extra effort cutting taxes, strengthening our national security, and championing individual liberty.