Unless you happen to be living under a brutal dictatorship where news coverage is redacted, filtered and sanitized according to specs laid down by Secret Police, then you know that former Vice President Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last week. Primarily for talking about global warming, and making a film that depicts him bloviating about global warming. Blowing hot air, especially given that he lives in a 20,000 square foot home – lives the least eco-friendly lifestyle of any global warming activist. The home is not built with eco-friendly,”green” materials. The carbon credits he supposedly purchased were never enacted, and instead are a money-making scheme for Casa Gore. He leads now, just as he did when VP, with pompous verbosity laced with hypocrisy and the spoiled little rich kid with a chip on his shoulder.

Global warming is real. But Al Gore has not brought this news to anyone new. He has not changed any minds. He does not walk the walk when it comes to global warming. I will never pretend to understand the inner workings of the Nobel committee. I find it fascinating they believed Al Gore was somehow more worthy than Irena Sendler, another Nobel finalist, who was nominated for her acts of true heroism during the holocaust. Sendler, now 97 years old and living in a Warsaw, Poland nursing home, was responsible for saving the lives of 2,500 children during the holocaust. As a social worker, Sendler wrote the names of the children she saved, placed it in a jar and buried it with the hope that the families might someday be reunited.

But alas, talking about an issue trumped saving real lives. And Al Gore is now a Nobel Laureate. Awash in obsequious ” run Al run” ads and blogs, it’s almost like the tap water in Republican households was replaced with ipecac. (And I support the idea of combating global warming, building green homes and industrial structures, bamboo flooring instead of hardwood, biofuels, hydrogen fuel cells for cars, shopping green by taking bags to the store instead of bringing everything home in new plastic bags. Also – it is important to make note that the Western White House in Crawford, Texas was built entirely green. Where Gore talks the talks – Bush has walked the walk. Twas ever thus.)

On the home front this week, coverage of Gore’s happy moment overshadowed another real hero. This hero was not a Nobel nominee. He is not a famous, or an entitled wealthy kid looking to make a name for himself that gets him out from underneath Daddy’s (or Bill Clinton’s) shadow.

When I say hero, I mean to convey that this man is a real hero, a Navy SEAL. Lt. Michael Murphy was the first Navy SEAL to receive our nation’s highest military commendation since the Vietnam War. Murphy died in the line of duty, during a battle in Afghanistan that engulfed Murphy and his four man team. Murphy sacrificed himself so that others might live. His actions directly impacted the lives of his men – and every day – the world becomes a better place because of real heroes like Michael Murphy.

And women like Irena Sendler. Action – being the change – is where heroism begins. Not in some superficial, historically inaccurate, puff-piece that enhances vanity and degrades debate. Al Gore is no hero. Global warming is a serious issue and it deserves serious attention. Americans must engage their entrepreneurial spirit and tackle the issue in a tangible way. Hello ethanol. Smart cars. Green shopping. Bag it yourself – bring your own bags. Simple things. There are 300 million people in this country – there must be someone less polarizing, or ridiculous than Al Gore.

And if the Nobel Peace Prize were really about peace, or improving the geopolitical environment – John Prendergast would be a damn fine choice for his work in Darfur.

— Media Lizzy