When life is good… really, really good – the ability to surrender ourselves to delectable, all consuming happiness is more than a gift. Such moments are sacred, divine, blessed.

Opening our senses, accepting love is not difficult when it is ripe, right, without expectation or judgement. Love is powerful enough… why fight it? Like when plans for vacation are organized. Dates are confirmed. And the pressures of the political and editorial calendar are reconciled… and trips for the mundane are replaced with immersion in another language, and the flat in that perfect neighborhood just happens to be free – and if a few extra days are needed, it is still free. Listen to your intuition, your soul is telling you all you need to know.

Enjoy the butterflies… passion has no expiration date.

— Media Lizzy

Quote for the day:

“Come back to take me, quickly, and lead me far away. Purify me with a great
fire of divine love, none of the animal kind. You are all soul when you want to
be, when you feel it, take me far away from my body.”
— Liane de