Yeah, today’s show was going to be all about 2008. But I have changed my mind.

Here is what plagued my mind this weekend:

The Department of Defense and our Armed Forces are the ones on the front lines. The divisions between the military and the State Department are legendary, long-standing, and being reinforced daily.

We finally have allies with solid rock star diplomats. Is anyone cooler than France’s Bernard Kouchner, a co-founder of Doctors without Borders? I don’t think so.

The European stage has completely changed. The election of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the straight-up bravado of Russian President Vladmir Putin, the urgency in Turkey – the bridge to the Middle East. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is proving a tough customer but a faithful fighter in global counter-terror efforts.

Our Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has out-boxed every one of President George Walker Bush’s original team /cclose confidants. Slowly but surely, those he once danced with disappeared. Joe Allbaugh was an early casualty. The departure of Karen Hughes will someday be seen as the moment President Bush went from being the man 8 million volunteers coalesced around to being Condi’s “intense personal” friend. Ari Fleischer. (have they had a comm plan since Karen & Ari left?) Dan Bartlett, the longest serving aide to Bush, departed. He was followed by the final player in the Iron Triangle. (Allbaugh, Hughes, Rove) It took a little longer to get rid of Karl but his power was diminished the minute Hughes left. Rice outlasted many cabinet officials… John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, Colin Powell, and of course – Donald Rumsfeld. Only Vice President Cheney remains – thanks to the US Constitution.

I reject the notion that Cheney and Rumsfeld were the most powerful, most influential advisers to President Bush. Read Condoleezza’s own words, she is more “inside” the Bush bubble than anyone else. No statement from the White House Press Office quashes Rice’s claims to Glenn Kessler and others. Frankly, in the Fox News Channel’s special on VP Dick Cheney – the President himself said that Cheney is not as, or no more influential, than Condi Rice.

However… politics at that level is a different ballgame. Even as a Cabinet Secretary – it’s still just a staff position. There are players there that are practically the undead. They understand that when it comes to real power – one never discloses the nature or intensity of any relationship, ever.

It looks desperate. And it is the last thing that happens before the spider web starts to tremble. From hunter to prey, SNAP.

It is the diplomatic portfolio that is a catastrophic failure. Iraq. Armenian genocide. Turkish troops on the Kurdistan/Iraq border. Nuclear facilities in Syria – interfering in Israeli national security and interests. Palestinian statehood. Getting blown off by the Vatican. Iran’s 3,000 centrifuges and nuclear weapons. North Korea’s broken promises. Islamic extremism. Darfur. Carving up Jerusalem. Issuing Jordanian passports. Debt forgiveness. Characterizing herself as having an “intense personal relationship” with the President of the United States.

What, specifically, has Condi Rice accomplished on behalf of the United States of America, or our Allies, that is tangible – real – provable? A true lady would never carry herself in a way that invites comparisons to being a courtesan. A lady keeps her fetishes behind closed doors. Any woman who brings Wallis Simpson to mind is not a lady, and does not appropriately represent the USA.

The good news: men not under the spell are beginning to go on the record, get real, and say what needs to be said. Forget fear. It is time to stop equivocating. Thank you, Ricardo Sanchez.

Truth will out. Today, The Media Lizzy Show will be off the hook. Listen at 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific.

Marching around Foggy Bottom in stilettos does not a lady make. And George Walker Bush is my President. I voted for him, and Dick Cheney. And my money is still on Dick.

— Media Lizzy

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