The torture… of love, indifference, passion and uncertainty… and possession.

A soul who finds intensity in a budding intimate and political relationship, surrendering just enough to allow life beyond the prying ears of security and staff, behind the velvet ropes and under the glare of journalistic scrutiny to mature… to be disembodied from the pressure — is someone who understands desire.

Real practitioners of political strategy become absorbed… the manipulation of the electorate, the leading of journalistic consensus, the selling of an idea as transcendant – and a candidate as savior… is intoxicating, addicting… it takes a force of nature to elicit love from such souls.

The unbridled passion causes the faint of heart to waver with erotic fatigue. Even the truest of souls escapes to a sanctuary… where no favors are traded, no uncomfortable questions are asked. Where history does not matter. Where judgement is absent, rather than omnipresent.

Sanctuary in the arms of a friend… who soothes and coaxes the hard edges away… giving permission to explore the wicked and pure, and teaches us to accept love willingly – is an act of selflessness.

Sanctuary is a place of absolution and renewal.

And we emerge with our mystery intact, our carnal instincts sharpened, our inclination for experimentation fully engaged. Prepared to seduce and be seduced. Generate delicious tension… appreciate the tenderness in a lover’s words, caress, and kisses. Appreciate the sweetness in a lover’s voice. The humidity of the air under a harvest moon… the smell of fall and winter combined with the warmth from a lover’s hand or breath… remember to appreciate the tango in your own life.

— Media Lizzy