Tonight… I will be contributing to the live blog coverage – thanks to ME Sprengelmeyer of the Rocky Mountain News on his Back Roads to the White House blog. Cool happenings: he’ll be at the Huckabee debate party. (Tonight, Huckabee must be emboldened by taking 2nd place in the Values Voters straw poll.)

And we’ll be joined by:
* Reid Wilson, associate editor of, author of the Politics Nation blog. Tonight, he’s in the media room at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in beautiful (and muggy) Orlando, Florida, and said he’s thankful that he has not yet been dragged off by one of the car-sized mosquitoes.
* Andy Kopsa, a former Iowa newspaper editor, now based in New York.

Here are my thoughts:

Fred Thompson, whom I love – has to make a solid impression tonight. He’s slipping in some polls. He’s got to give voters permission to want him as president, and then fight for our votes. Otherwise, we’ll assume he’s not interested and find another.

Presidential politics is like seducing a new lover… he has to want it. And we have to want him back. Otherwise, female voters will choose the safe guy, who isn’t sexy but will be a good provider for four years. (Huckabee? Romney? McCain? Giuliani?)

Huckabee – make it or break it tonight. Either he shows some teeth, and is more than “nice” or the curtain may fall on his ambition.

Romney – he has to find a way to be more authentic and less synthetic alternative. He’s like tofurkey. Looks great in the picture – but it never looks the same when you bring it home.

McCain – the guy is a survivor, if nothing else. McCain needs Romney/Giuliani/Thompson to make a huge mistake. Voters would take him back – but – it won’t be easy.

In any case.. join me HERE!

— Media Lizzy