Alrighty folks… you simply must join me tonight. I will be live blogging with the usual suspects on the Back Roads to the White House site over at the Rocky Mountain News. Thank you, ME Sprengelmeyer, for the invite.

What is at stake:

Hillary Clinton: Best take some Xanax ahead of the debate – because if she ever demonstrates that angry, ashtray throwing nastiness that was rumored during her husband’s presidency – it will be Game Over. And my bet is on it getting nasty tonight.

Barack Obama: After displaying he’s got moves on the Ellen show, Obama has to make a bold impression. On issues, with charisma – he simply must demonstrate he is ready to walk the line for America. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough decision – and for a guy who was only a state Senator a few years ago – his career has been a meteoric rise. But either he wants to be one of 100 in the Senate. Or he wants to be The One.

John Edwards:
He may be the alternative to Gore but, he isn’t making any progress. He’s the Dems Mitt Romney. Pretty, synthetic and not worthy.

Joe Biden: Time for a breakout moment, or he might as well cash in his chips. I think Biden’s plan for Iraq is the only real way forward once we arrive on January 20, 2009. And perhaps he’ll find a way to build a bridge between Bush and the Congress. He has to raise enough cash to buy TV.

As for Chris Dodd and Kucinich and the rest… please go home.

— Media Lizzy

Now for details on the LIVE BLOG:
Tonight at “Back Roads to the White House,” we’re not just LIVE-BLOGGING during the Democratic debate on MSNBC. (MSNBC streams the debates LIVE – just in case you happen to be sitting in Starbucks and aren’t in front of a TV)

And because this is the world’s longest campaign season, ME Sprengelemeyer is giving us something REALLY SPECIAL. He’s live-blogging from long-shot MIKE GRAVEL’s “how-dare-you-leave-me-out” event, too!!!

Join us for real-time analysis of the political freak show at 9 p.m. Eastern.