I’ve made no secret of my support of the “Plan for Iraq” put forward by Senator Joe Biden. And it astonishes me that the Democrat primary voters get so self-righteous, so angry about Iraq and “this administration.” But when they have the opportunity to do what is right for the country – they do not. They seem satisfied with the pandering and false prophecy that is the Hillary Clinton candiacy. Or the shameless candidacy of John Edwards. And when it comes to Obama, it’s almost like they don’t WANT him to be inspiring, or the second coming of RFK.

Democrats, and Republicans, should be nominating the person who is BEST for the nation. Not who makes them feel good, or who pays the bills of their lobbying group. Or who signs the “pledge” to do anything. (Raise taxes, weird Union stuff, insert the cause du jour here -whatever)

If Republicans wanted to be real, they would stop all the carping at Fred Thompson and anoint him as the frontrunner. Fred would make the best President. Mitt Romney’s stranglehold in Iowa is not because his message is good. It’s because his campaign is paying the mortgages of the most consultants. He’s putting food on the table.

And if the Democrats really wanted to serve our country, they would nominate Joe Biden.

In November 2008, Americans deserve – just once – a choice between two good people. I would sleep well at night, either way. It might not be a win for consultants – but it would be a win for America.

Here’s my favorite bit from last night’s debate:

— Media Lizzy