Love and passion are complex; infused with our history and pain the whispers of youth, and the territory that is our soul and our very skin. Politics is a full contact bloodsport. You have to WANT this life. In every way.

A personal, committed relationship with a politico (or a political reporter, or broadcaster, or a country music or rock star) requires an understanding.

We want it when we want it. We want it how we want it. And we want to be consumed by it. And by “it” – I mean everything. The passion, the intimacy, the honesty, the acceptance, the fearless abandon. It takes real strength to take our breath away. It takes an intangible quality – something so organic that it transcends the high we get at work.

Comparable appetites, sleeping patterns, and interests are fundamental. But if you take us there… capture our attention – we will make sure you know how we feel.

Intense. Yeah. I like it. Like THAT. It unlocks the doors that matter most: fidelity, the forbidden, unrequited love, transcendence. Union. If you do it right… really right, play all the cards well. Ignite the homefires. Lure us out of the political arena for quiet time and space… you might feel so good, it’s like a Revival.

— Media Lizzy