America has become her own mistress… suspicion and cynicism have been the prevailing winds for far too long. Once upon a time, distance was an ocean or a mountain range.

We create mental distance and erect imaginary boundaries protecting us from discovering something, someone or some place new. Why?

Discovery, taking a leap of faith into the unknown can be most liberating. It gives us a rush… without the consequences of falling onto the rock bottom. Matters of war and peace will remain. Economics and appropriations and diplomatic engineering will all be there tomorrow morning. The newspapers will still get printed. The weeklies will still make it to the newsstands. The ranking system will still function. We need only to inhale and make the leap..

…leaving cruelty behind us. Allowing the sunlight to kiss our skin. Feeling the cold waters of the Atlantic to caress our feet on a rocky beach. Enjoying the stillness of a house where children once played, then marched off to college. Picking up the phone or sending an email to the one person who understands the high. And low of political, or public life.

Once we give ourselves permission to enjoy the ride, the power of truth and passion reveals itself – as quickly or methodically as we need. Affairs of the heart are worth enjoying, experiencing to the fullest. We give so much of ourselves to the bottom line – we have to replenish our souls with tangible, and intangible, passions.

The escape for a weekend, or a few hours, into the arms of a new – or old – lover… is liberating. The borders on maps are disappearing. Technology is breaking down the barriers, building bridges across oceans and deserts and hearts… every moment of every day.

The new maps are our very bodies and souls. Every kiss becomes a city, every caress an act of diplomacy. Every night in the arms of a lover – a summit, where the fates decide…
every moment becomes a silent trust. We are the territories for conquering… every lingering touch sanctified. Every union, sacred.

Every moment of discovery, a virtue.

— Media Lizzy