Ah, my affection for the Old Dominion. Not a very well kept secret. My endorsement of Fred Thompson, no secret at all. My affection for tall, gentlemanly, Southern pols that advocate federalism? I think there’s a billboard near the Ryman…

What happens when my two favorite guys, from my two favorite states get together? Hopefully, electoral magic. In the meantime- the Virginians for Fred Thompson folks hosted a live blog with one-half of the magic duo.

Former Governor George Allen, along with Virginia’s up and comer AG Bob McDonnell, took questions about Fred Thompson and his campaign for the presidency. If there is one thing George Allen is phenomenal at – it’s retail politicking. He works the crowd better than most and is an all-around good guy. His return to the forefront of Republican politics is a darn good thing. I know there are critics out there – but – he’s a good man. And he knows his way around the Constitution. I’m just glad there are a few federalists left.

For the record, I submitted a question – Governor Allen answered. The exchange is below. Funny how some things come full circle, just when you least expect it.

Question:Senator Allen:

Certainly, your advocacy of common sense Jeffersonian values, improved Virginia – and inspired Republicans across the Commonwealth, and the nation. The strong economic positions, and policies, you believe in are needed at a federal level.

How do you envision a President Thompson working with the US Congress to restrain out of control spending? And is there any hope of the Congress ever fulfilling their Constitutional mandate of 14 annual bills?

I’ll avoid asking the VP question here… but it’s a suggestion I am hearing among friends in California and elsewhere. Thank you so much for your continued service to the cause of our freedom, security and our future. Senator Thompson is lucky to have you on board.

Elizabeth Blackney

Answer: Governor Allen: Fred Thompson has a proven record of supporting the President having line item veto authority to knock out wasteful pork barrel spending, which is apparently different than some of the other candidates on our side. Fred supports a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. These are the same authorities that are provided to well over 40 Governors and states. Fred’s #1 priority is national defense by strengthening our military, modernizing our armed forces, and providing better benefits to those who serve.

Fred believes that raising taxes would be harmful to the prosperity of our country and therefore would want to make recent tax cuts permanent.

— Media Lizzy