Alrighty folks… the Democrats are debating on CNN tonight. Wolf Blitzer will moderate. And Hillary has the most to lose. She was shaken by the double-speak accusations at the last debate. Then her campaign faltered because she wasn’t on her game. Then came the “planted questions” silliness. It’s been a bad ten days for Hillary.

For the record, I will now refer to her lovingly as Hillary Romney Clinton – to illustrate how she & Mitt share a plan for socialized medicine that has no hope of succeeding. Somewhere, there is someone with a more fiscally responsible plan for getting ALL Americans covered. I just hope that person is in a position to effect real change.

Also, Barack Obama absolutely MUST deliver a stellar performance, or he risks looking like a guy who has his moments – instead of a presidential-timbre man who CREATES moments. He’s got to look more comfortable. His anti-Baby Boomer shtick is picking up respect and agreement from politicos in lots of different corners. Last week I saw Ann Coulter say nice things. On Fox News in a segment with John Gibson.

Obama really needs to get it done.

Edwards is starting to look like an angry father, and less like an activist. If he gets angry too often, he risks losing the aw-shucks factor. And that’s all he’s got for the general election.

Biden has had a great week, at least on policy. He looked almost clairvoyant after the last debate – within a couple of days, Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency, suspended the constitution, replaced an adversarial supreme court judge, then sent our arrest or detention orders for his political foes. It’s really ugly. Biden must find a way to inspire confidence and momentum by being the smart, sexy grown up – that can handle the presidential portfolio – on Day One.

Dodd, Kucinich, Richardson – all just get on my nerves. And I don’t care if Richardson got nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. I could nominate a ham sandwich – and it would have a better chance at winning the Dem nomination.

So… join me tonight at Back Roads to the White House – and many thanks to M.E.Sprengelmeyer for the invite!!!!!!