2007 Sexiest Men Alive

It happens every year. People magazine announces their “Sexiest Man Alive” and I immediately disagree. This year, they picked Matt Damon. Cool guy, great actor – but the Sexiest Man Alive???? I don’t know the makeup of the staff that ultimately sat around the table and picked – but – you can bet it isn’t women interested in the red blooded, full throated, overwhelming passion of an alpha male.

Personally, I have never seen anything charming about the Casanova-type, currently known as the “metrosexual” – but more plainly, he’s a man who effects, and reflects, a certain feminine quality. So many women appear to want a pet, a loyal little puppy, rather than be challenged with a real relationship.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Not so for me. Bring the heat. Brilliance, discipline, passion, and public confidence are excellent ingredients for creating the Sexiest Man Alive list. Last year, Djimon Hounsou topped my list.

This year… I believe a little countdown is in order.

12. Joe Biden, US Senator & Democrat candidate for President. He’s like the Cheshire Cat come to life. Meow.

11. Clive Owen. Mean, gritty, sensitive, manly, mysterious. Rough hands. And amazing on the silver screen. It was either him, or Daniel Craig in this spot. It was tough. But the dark hair does it for me.

10. Bono. Because there is no man, at any age, who is more cool than Bono. He is what higher consciousness and the human heart are all about.

9. My favorite men at Fox News. Mal James has to be the most beautiful, most courageous camera man in news. I have SUCH a crush. (Have fun in London!) Right behind him, Greg Palkot. Especially when he gets back from some war-torn, dangerous location and reports from Paris in the black mock turtleneck. (I need oxygen just thinking about those two)

And, of course, Shepard Smith – wicked quick, hypercompetent, and totally sexy. No Sexiest list is even credible without him.

8. Chris Noth. He’s even sexier when visiting his restaurant/club, The Cutting Room. The man defies gravity. That smile is enough to knock those soft handed metrosexuals right off their perfectly coiffed heels.

7. Javier Bardem. I want Cholera. If you don’t know, I can’t explain it to you.

6. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Star of Showtime’s The Tudors as King Henry VIII. He is a revelation in sex appeal. Please call me when he’s 40.

5. Zinedine Zidane, or Zizou… Um, I volunteer to be this Footballer’s wife. Okay, not really. But he is spectacularly beautiful. And, yes, I think he is sexier than Beckham.

4. Darryl Worley… I know, utterly predictictable. But all Six foot Six and Tennessee of him, his charisma, his boldness, his courage and his convictions, the West Tennessee wisdom, and on a more personal note – kindness, makes him utterly delicious. If you’ve read my book, then you know this is one guy who walks through the fire.

3. Patrick Bruel. He is the embodiment of the fantasy. Prince Charming, only better.

2. Djimon Hounsou. Because he is the earthly embodiment of HEAVEN. Listening to his voice, watching him in any movie – (my favorite is Amistad) is almost transcendent.

SEXIEST MAN ALIVE Not Anymore… not after the Waterboarding incident. All done.

Christopher Hitchens. I have loved Hitchens since I first witnessed him on a long forgotten MSNBC program, Johnny Walker Black in one hand – a cigarette in the other. The accent. Those amazing blue eyes. And a glint of something dangerous, heartbreaking, insightful and smart. In short, aside from Gordon Sumner (Sting) – Christopher Hitchens is the man most girls imagined when listening to The Police. He’s the Don’t Stand So Close to Me professor that starred in our fantasies once we realized Sting & Trudie Styler were actually going to stay married.

Why Hitchens? Spare me the critiques. The belly, his age, the bad habits. the fact that many refer to him as a polemicist only increases his appeal. More than just a writer, I find him to be one of the last really confident guys. There is something poignant and beautiful about his writing, and vulnerable – especially if you’ve read his Vanity Fair series on becoming Americanized. Even with the veneers, the diet, and of course the sunga – Hitchens is deserving of being the Sexiest Man Alive.

He’s the intellectual bad boy. And he had me at hello.

— Media Lizzy