For the record:
I support Fred Thompson for President. I believe he best represents what Republicans can contribute to the betterment of our Republic. Far and away, he is the most presidential. Most grounded. Most thoughtful. And best on policy. (most policy, no one is perfect.)

I also believe Democrats have responsibility to nominate the person who best represents their point of view, and could contribute to the betterment of our nation. That man, in my opinion, is Joe Biden. He’s solid, smart, has a real plan for Iraq that would provide all political points of view – and military reality – to be properly considered, then resolved.

Both parties have a responsibility to put the interests of our nation above favors, back room deals, consultants, expenditure reports, and glad handing BS.

If, by some stroke of a magic wand, that occurred – Election Day 2008 would be a contest between Joe Biden and Fred Thompson.

And, if you’re a Democrat thinking I should just be a good girl and be quiet. Fine, you don’t have to agree with me. take a listen below. All of your candidates already agree with Joe.

— Media Lizzy

First a disclosure: Diamonds & Pearls – from last night’s live-blog at The Rocky.