Left or right, Democrat or Republican… certain things, certain experiences are universal. Enchantment, desire, betrayal, fear, trust, abandonment, passion, reconciliation, devotion, fulfillment all weave an incomprehensible web across our hearts and our politics, our alliances and our sheets.

In America, we celebrated Thanksgiving over several days. Asking the obligatory, what are you thankful for? Most of the time, we give a safe and palatable answer. Privately, the answer may be entirely different.

Thanksgiving is a holiday, and despite it’s historical origins… it has come to mean more about the human connections. It is a day where we are reminded, as a nation, to just declare the truth. Who we are thankful for. Why we are thankful. Putting an honest label on our relationships. Unrequited love that exists, and is life affirming because it is a quiet secret untainted by the influence or judgment of others. Thankful for the promise of new love, lasting love, love that blossoms in unexpected ways. Thankful for our children and the very sound of their voices. Thankful for the boldness that rises up organically when the hard work pays off.

Technology is erasing the borders drawn on maps by Presidents and Generals. We are all so much closer to each other… our bodies are the new countries, relationships are like disputed territories or colonies, and we are all ripe for exploration. We all want to surrender to love, to passion, and do so with ferocity and reckless abandon.

Real love is a welcome conqueror… and the heart deserves such fierce protection.

— Media Lizzy