UPDATED: Media Lizzy quoted…Surprise ending at Republican debate

First, the facts. The CNN/YouTube Debate was great. Best ever on content. Anderson Cooper was great, if not well-served by his staff.

The story: Questioner Keith Kerr, US Army – retired Col. is a member of the LGBT Americans for Hillary steering committee. His question was aired without the disclosure that he is a Hillary supporter. CNN has now noted they were unaware of the affiliation

Conclusion: The right will spin it as another example of the Left Wing bias at CNN – “Clinton News Network” in an attempt to avoid dealing with the issue (openly gay Americans serving in the US Armed Forces.) The Left will say he had a right to ASK the question. And the MSM will replay the “planted question” story.

Americans deserve better than Gotcha. But Gotcha is what they are going to get.

— Media Lizzy

From Hillary Clinton’s Campaign: Clinton Campaign Adds New Leaders to LGBT Americans for Hillary

My Analysis at the Rocky Mountain News:

Another ‘frosty’ gathering?

UPDATE FROM THE POLITICO: ‘Gay question’ general linked to Clinton