Last night, I (along with many others) jumped on the trail in pursuit of retired Brigadier General Keith Kerr’s political associations after his question aired. It was remarkable because he was also provided with the opportunity to offer a blistering criticism of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that was enacted during the Clinton Years and remains in effect, from his seat in the audience.

Instead of media coverage of the ANSWERS to this question – we are being treated to Partisan Sniping 2.0.

CNN and YouTube exercised their editorial judgment, then failed to do a cursory “Google” check of the folks responsible for the chosen videos before calling the travel department to arrange airfare and hotel rooms. They did check to determine whether or not any of the folks had donated money to a specific candidate. (As if the lack of a donation is the single factor that determines whether or not a voter is “undecided.”)

If it were only Keith Kerr, the story might have died in a day or two. No chance of that happening in this case. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin detailed at least three other questioners with ties to democrat presidential campaigns.

My conclusion is pretty simple: when staff fails to execute their duties, they get reprimanded or fired. When a news organization fails, the aggrieved political party raises a lot of money.

— Media Lizzy

WASHINGTON POST: CNN Admits Holes in Screening of Questioners

Here is Anderson Cooper, Moderator, correcting the record as events unfolded immediately after the debate.

Some highlights from the Rocky Mountain News liveblog by M. E. Sprengelmeyer, Back Roads to the White House:

Here at “Back Roads to the White House,” where we enjoyed one of the most active live-blogging events of the year, panelist Elizabeth Blackney, host of The Media Lizzy Show on speculated that conservatives would use it to call CNN the “Clinton News Network.”

“The brouhaha may overshadow the real issue: are Republicans willing to stick to archaic rules, or join our allies — from Israel to France — in allowing openly gay men and women to serve?” she asked.

UPDATE: In a morning appearance on CNN, Kerr said the only thing he ever did for Clinton was to lend his name to her campaign because of her longtime support of gay and lesbian issues. He said nobody put him up to making the video question. “Absolutely not. This was a private initiative on my own.” Still, CNN issued a statement saying it would not have used his question if it knew beforehand that he had any involvement with a presidential campaign. (It will be interesting to see if this leads to scrutiny of more participants in the two CNN/YouTube debates.)


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