Some people appear in our life with no warning and are beautiful accidents. Their profound effect is unweighted. Free of attachments and obligation. In politics, our boundaries are as sturdy as the Great Wall and as changeable as the sands of Tunisia when a storm comes.

The grace and gratefulness in our approach to real love, whether a public relationship or a private liaison, preserves those early moments. Expectant moments, where passion is unrestrained.

Some women yearn for the safety of Stepford, others are chilled to the prospects of love and passion – taking comfort in restraining their lovers or husbands instead, others yearn but are not fearless.

A few of us, we wait for Gyges. Our apparent suspension of disbelief is but one of the extraordinary gestures made in the pursuit of being caught by a worthy and bold love.

When a choice must be made, let it be for L. O. V. E. Let it be expectant, let every kiss linger, may the very tastes be sweet, and every sensation breathe life into the future.

—- Media Lizzy