Stand-out lines from Oprah’s remarks:
“This isn’t about partisanship for me.”

“Over the years, I have voted for as many Republicans as I have Democrats.”

“Let’s dream American anew again with Barack Obama.”

“An ear for eloquence, and a tongue dipped in the unvarnished truth.” – on Obama.

Oprah defines AUTHENTIC. there is a reason why millions of people listen to her. The little girl inside of Oprah who dreamed and worked her way from poverty and abuse is PRESENT on the stage. The woman who runs an empire did not bring her “A” Game today. She changed the damn rules. She brought the “O” GAME.

“We have too many divisions in our United States.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Oprah.

— Media Lizzy

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H/T to Patrick Ruffini for the YouTube of Oprah’s Intro today:

Photo Credit: The Associated Press