Dan Hanosh is naughty. I’m generally not a fan of blog meme activity. but… this one is a bit fun. Apparently, this one requires the disclosure seven random things about self.

Without further adieu…

1. I believe the best friendships begin with red wine , and last long enough to enjoy Latour together during the annual stolen weekend where all other rules are suspended.

2. I am secretly in love with Nathaniel Hawthorne.

3. I have an addiction to silk sweaters.

4. My spiritual north is no longer defined by campaign season. Woohoo. (48.50N, 02.20E is where my compass is set)

5. There are always at least three books and two magazines on my nightstand, or in my purse.

6. Yes, I really do drink jasmine tea morning, noon, and night. I also wear a single press jasmine perfume that I discovered in Saint Lucia years ago… thank goodness for UPS and FedEx! Some indulgences are worthy of becoming traditions…

7. The written word is my favorite vice.

— Media Lizzy