Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama hit the campaign trail, and were joined by more than 18,000 of our fellow Americans in Iowa. The event included a reminder, as if Obama needed one, that he is a Rock Star – when one onlooker fainted moments after he took the stage.

If you have stood in the wings while a presidential candidate prepares to make remarks, watched them take that last deep breath before they face the wall of cameras… or hastily rewritten remarks on the fly for someone making history… or been the little voice who whispers the latest bit of insider info that becomes red meat… then you might understand the excitement on the ground before, during, and after the events this weekend.

In less than one month, Americans will vote. Barack Obama has the prevailing winds – his staff is hopefully will carry them to success. On Monday’s show, I will analyze the Oprah-palooza weekend – and take a gander at Hillary’s lackluster event that featured Chelsea, and size up Bill versus Oprah.

But first… Obama has a new ad running in Iowa. And with less than a month until the caucus – it is a remarkable ad. It isn’t contrast. It isn’t negative. It’s not even a bio ad. It’s a vision ad.

Finally a breath of fresh air. This has been the longest campaign season ever, it’s nice to have something NEW.

— Media Lizzy