Here are some relevant statements from Defense Department officials regarding the DoD budget crisis caused by the US Congress.

Spare me the “we care about the troops” rhetoric while stonewalling spending that actually helps the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines remain safe – do their jobs – and keep food on their table. Armor on their bodies. And ammunition in their vehicles.

— Media Lizzy

“Unless Congress Provides Supplemental Funding For War-Related Operations, It Will Become Necessary For You To Furlough Civilian Employees”

Defense Department Officials On The Impacts Of Congressional Delays In Funding For The Global War On Terror

Donald C. Winter, Secretary Of The Navy: “Because Congress Has Not Provided Funding For The Global War On Terror … The Marine Corps Will Soon Face Depletion.” “Because Congress has not provided funding for the Global War on Terror (GWOT), the Marine Corps will soon face depletion of its Operation and Maintenance (O&M) funds. Accordingly, unless Congress provides supplemental funding for war-related operations, it will become necessary for you to furlough Civilian employees at your base installation.” (Donald C. Winter, Memorandum Regarding Potential Furlough Of Civilian Employees, 12/12/07)

Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff: Army And Marines Have Already Started To “Constrict”—“You Stop Doing Your Training To Deploy.” MULLEN: “I think the services of the Army and the Marine Corps start to — actually they already have because in anticipation inside a service of the lack of funds, you start to constrict. … You stop doing your training to deploy, you stop rotating to other parts of the world.” (Armed Services Committee, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 12/11/07)

· Marine Recruiting “Comes To A Halt.” MULLEN: “The commandant of the Marine Corps has specifically said that, you know, his recruiting comes to a halt. So it’s not just some of the things we’ve talked about, it has a very debilitating effect on those two services.”

· Army “Won’t Have The Money They Need To Operate.” MULLEN: “The Army’s annual operational budget is about 27 billion. They’re spending 6-and-half billion dollars a month right now to run the Army, as well as to support the efforts with respect to this war. That’s why they run out in February. They won’t have the money they need to operate the Army, and that’s why passing this — or getting the supplemental — the full supplemental — in place as rapidly as possible is really important for all the men and women who are serving, as well as their families.”

Pete Geren, Secretary Of The Army: “You Soon Will Receive Specific Guidance Through Human Resource Channels On Furlough Notification Procedures.” “Without funds for the Global War on Terror (GWOT), the Department of the Army, the Marine Corps and some of the Combatant Commands will exhaust their respective operation and maintenance accounts. … You soon will receive specific guidance through Human Resource channels on furlough notification procedures and engagement with any bargaining entities that may act on behalf of affected employees.” (Pete Geren, Memorandum Regarding Potential Furlough Of Civilian Employees, 12/12/07)

Geoff Morrell, Department Of Defense Press Secretary: “Troops Coming Back From 15-Month Tours In Iraq And Afghanistan, Arriving Home To Bases That Are Basically Shuttered. … That’s Not The Welcome Home Our Troops Deserve.” MORELL: “The last thing we want is for — I mean, can you envision this: troops coming back from 15-month tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, arriving home to bases that are basically shuttered — except for, you know, security services and maybe the infirmary. That’s not the welcome home our troops deserve and we are working hard to impress upon Congress that this is a very serious situation and we need help as soon as possible.” (Geoff Morrell, Press Briefing, 12/12/07)

· “This Is Unprecedented. … We Have Never Been In A Situation At Wartime Where Our Troops Have, As They Are Right Now, Been Unfunded By The Congress.” MORELL: “We are in, I should mention, really unchartered waters. This is unprecedented. We have never been in a situation at wartime where our troops have, as they are right now, been unfunded by the Congress — not even in Vietnam, at the height of that conflict with demonstrations in the streets and so forth, did Congress not fund the war effort.”