Hello all,The 2008 train is barely out of the station and we’ve already got the barbs out from the New York Times. Now, I’m not usually not the first one to cite articles from the NYT, and this post is somewhat off-topic, but seriously…SOMEBODY has got to see the light of day on this!

Ok…how many elections does Ed Rollins need to lose before people realize that he’s a total washed-out has-been and isn’t worth the $25K a month he charges?

Bill Jones (CA Senate 04)…Katherine Harris (’06)…this botched thing in CA where we’re trying to change the way we do the electoral college vote distribution, K.T. McFarland in NY…and now Huckabee? Please! Stop the bleeding!!!

I mean, I know this lends some “street cred” to Huckabee’s fledging campaign, but honestly, is this how he’s going to do it? Instead of hiring some has-been, he needs to hire someone who is going to help take the campaign to the next level…to be the candidate who changes the game…not the candidate who conforms to the game. Huckabee’s hiring of Rollins just shows that Mike cares more about how he is perceived by the Party aparatchniki than he is about seriously finding a solid visionary for his campaign.