UPDATED: Democrat Barack Obama won big time – and gave a speech that sent chills throughout the political spectrum. Hillary WHO?

For the GOP – Mike Huckabee trounced on Mitt Romney’s MBA-engineered political grave. This matters less than you might imagine. Because Barack Obama earned more votes in the Iowa Caucuses last night – than the Top 3 Republicans. Ouch!

First, MY predictions. Which are public – thanks to ME Sprengelmeyer for taunting regular visitors to Back Roads to the White House with an irresistible contest!!! I have officially placed my bets on Red and Blue for tonight’s spinning of the Iowa Caucus Roulette Wheel.

Obama: 34%
Edwards: 32%
Clinton: 29%
Biden: 2%

Huckabee: 31%
Romney: 29%
McCain: 14%
Thompson: 11%
Guiliani: 7%

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