The “comeback” story dominates today. John McCain, once left for dead, beat the GOP field. Media, pundits, pollsters, and many others were dead wrong. Everyone wanted Obama – they didn’t heed the real warning sign: Terry McAuliffe on TV 24’7 equals Clinton success. Many will say it was the tears Hillary shed in that unscripted moment. But I am convinced McAuliffe represents a shift in the Clinton machine. What a campaign presents to the press and the public rarely has a resemblance to reality. McAuliffe’s constant appearance was a message was for donors, potential Cabinet members, and Super Delegates – Vote Hillary, or no more favors. Message received. Campaign mobilized. Action taken. Hillary eeks out a win. Mission accomplished.

The surprise? The crop of republicans cheering her victory. They must be just young enough to not remember the 1992 and 1996 campaigns, let alone the working conditions for the GOP when the Clinton Camp dominated the presidential trail. Trading the White House for control of the US Congress is not worth it. Folks who lack the institutional knowledge of life after losing the White House are unqualified to comment on what that looks like.

It is a mistake to think Hillary would be the easiest to beat in November, that’s like playing roulette or baccarat banque with someone who lives the good life in Monaco. Republicans should be focused on putting forward the candidate who is best for the country. Vanity and a checkbook are fine – but – neither qualifies someone to lead the free world. It takes gravitas, clear minded policy, a resonating message and personal brand. McCain is close… but… but…

Republicans and right-leaning independents are disaffected. Last night, as in Iowa, the vote totals are embarrassing. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama garnered more votes than any of their Republican rivals.

Analysis: Chris LaCivita spoke the unvarnished truth when he offered the following to Politico, There is still much wandering, said GOP consultant Chris LaCivita: “We’re like a bunch of [expletive] nomads.”

Yeah, what he said. (this is why Obama is attractive to centrists. look for him to tap into that well.)

—Media Lizzy