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images.jpgEvery candidate faces a test. Tonight, Obama faced the cruelty of not meeting the high expectations set out for him. In placing second, his concession speech was gracious, lovely and everything it needed to be.

The vetting will begin. Clinton’s campaign want the records compared – GREAT.  Let’s give Hillary Clinton full credit for her co-presidency with Bill Clinton.  She was there.  She was his closest confidant.  I’m convinced.  Now, let’s talk about the Clinton Record: the first World Trade Center bombing, conflict diamonds and Charles Taylor, the Rwanda genocide, Mogadishu and the Blackhawk Down episode, the rise of Usama bin Ladin, the failure of the Intel community to connect the UBL dots when he issued fatwa after fatwa calling for our destruction, failed healthcare legislation, the failure of the Wye Accords, the 15% force reduction of the US Military during the rise of Al Qa’ida, the bombings of the Khobar Towers, the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and the the USS Cole. Let’s talk about the botched Clinton-era Intel that led to the bombing of an Aspirin factory and the whoops! it’s the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. She wants to talk about being President from Day One? Great. Let’s DO THAT.

— Media Lizzy