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The oracle… Michael Barone, offers a great analysis in New Hampshire Fallout. Eyeon08 gives a great wrap-up with State of the Race. Howard Kurtz lays the hammer down in Media Blows It Again. Patrick Ruffini penned the most concise piece, looking at the hard data in his New Hampshire Postmortem.

With Richardson bailing out, it reminds me that Ron Paul needs to get the hell out on the Republican side. Maybe there is a spot open somewhere as Mayor of Crazytown, or maybe he can prank call Bloomberg – who actually would have a tangible impact as an independent candidate. Yes, I know – Ron Paul is an elected Member of the United States House of Representatives. With support from the Sex Trade. (One more reason GOP voters are disappointed with their choices this year)

The real question on everyone’s mind is how did Hillary Clinton pull off a win? Only one man has that answer. He has played Yang to her political Yin for years, and Karl Rove’s Op Ed in the 10 January 2008 edition of the Wall Street Journal tells us: Why Hillary Won.

Note to Senator Obama: If you win the nomination – Rove’s article is Page One for the eventual Republican nominee’s playbook against you.

— Media Lizzy