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UPDATE: It’s September, Barack Obama defeated Hillary – and John McCain has just shaken the political establishment up by naming Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.  As I compile my thoughts and prepare a follow up to this column from January 11th, please feel free to share your thoughts on feminism, sexism, misogyny, and the “sex” factor.


Generation X Ladies, we are not here to carry the baggage of women who came before us. And believe it or not, as the first of two columns on Hillary Clinton and the “Women’s Vote” – this is the nice one. Saying thank you to those who came before is, in reality, enough.

They burned their bras.

va-la-perla-black-label.jpgWe wear La Perla.

Whatever Peter Lawford-esque drama is playing out on Gloria Steinem’s terrace, or Hillary Clinton’s campaign is simply not our problem. New Hampshire primary polls were wrong – just not for the politically convenient reasons Ann Lewis, Gloria Steinem, and Hillary Clinton wants us all to believe. Hillary, and her aging friends, are quick to anger because of the media — and point out their belief that New Hampshire Women had Enough Insults.

People, press, and politicos alike are critical of Hillary Clinton – because like the New Hampshire electorate – she makes it difficult to like her. In fact, about 61% of New Hampshire Democrats voted against her. (In Iowa, 70% voted against her.)

Electing a president is much like seducing a new lover, or choosing a couch. That person will be in our living room – and depending on the policies they advocate – they may make an appearance in our bedrooms and at doctor’s visits as well. A candidate for president is making a very personal, one on one, appeal to all the voters in our Republic of 300 million people.

Playing the victim equals lowest common denominator. To the women (and gentlemen) of Generation X – Hillary is not our Mommy. There is no need to ask permission to exercise our Constitutional rights.

Casting a vote for Obama, McCain, Giuliani, or Edwards is not a betrayal of the female gender. The Republic will survive without another Clinton. Seriously.

There is something about the Hillary Clinton victory in New Hampshire that rings the bell – I hear Dame Judi Dench’s voice… as her character “Barbara” in Notes on a Scandal – “…then I realized, I could gain everything – while doing nothing…” and “I gave you everything…” and “We are bound by the secrets we share…”

Guilt isn’t really my bag. And I’m willing to bet, a lot of people share that opinion. Pardon my wickedness… but a woman can be in her 60s, brilliant, creative, thoughtful, politically astute, active and a supremely sexual creature who embraces her femininity without shame, without asking for a damn thing.

Think… would the lush and mysterious Helen Mirren beg for attention? Absolutely Not. No need. Her strength comes from within. totally understated and blissfully powerful, with a glance or a whisper. Helen Mirren is the epitome of a lady. Andhelenmirren.jpg Hillary should take note. All those angry, condescending, entitled women she surrounds herself with are angry at all the promise lost in their youth – promise that inevitably is recapture by those who embrace life and live it, rather than watch it pass by.

Not all women feel compelled to stay in a bad marriage with the hopes of someday getting the man’s job.

A man isn’t necessary. A man is a luxury. And appreciating a man goes a long way towards developing acceptance and humanity. I sympathize with Hillary. Bill cheated with at least one much younger woman. Hillary was humiliated on the global stage. And it wasn’t just once. It was in the Oval Office. The world heard the details… the secret gifts and notes, passionate kisses and heated groping and reportedly, some oral exploration of sacred territory. William Jefferson Clinton proved he was still a man with sexual desires and needs, despite his wife’s public coolness and limitless ambition.

Why does Hillary need to go back to the scene of her husband’s crime against their marriage? Why does the electorate have to be involved? And if she wants credit for staying in the marriage, and playing the role of “co-president” then she needs to be prepared for more than discussions of infidelity. Waco. Ruby Ridge. Elian Gonzales. Mogadishu. Marc Rich. Force Reductions. Khobar Towers and the USS Cole. And… and.. and….

Make up your own mind on the issues. Follow your gut. Get informed. Read the expenditure reports. Contact the campaigns and figure out which candidate is welcome to your checkbook, and in your bedroom.

Because Hillary and her gal pals hate men – does not mean the rest of us should follow suit.

— Media Lizzy

Washington Post: Young Feminists Split – Does Gender Matter?

Quote of Note: New York Attorney General (and Clinton Campaign Super Delegate) Andrew Cuomo told the Times Union: “You can’t shuck and jive your way through a press conference.” – in reference to chief rival, Gen Xer Barack Obama.

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