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Electing a Life on the Run exists in the fiber of a politico’s very soul. The hunt for the elusive, the mysterious, magical combination that unlocks keys to the front door of 1600 Pennsylvania resembles the Grail adventures our ancestors undertook.

Hillary Clinton seeks redemption. Only she is very late to the presidential party. The rest of the country has moved on, just like Michael Moore ordered. The Clinton era ended with a little blue dress. She was not the one wearing it. Her ticket to the big game is about playing the role of victim, of the lost and hurt little woman. After a certain age, one must possess the strength of character to be self-sustaining. Self-determining. And self pleasure – whether that involves intellectual or physical pursuits is not our business.

Other candidates have different narratives that drive their campaigns. The consultants and reporters and volunteers and candidates share hundreds of hours inside this private world, a place where the stakes are of global importance. Freedom is on the table. Policy discussions and decisions about military intervention or nuclear proliferation MATTER. The influences surrounding a candidate and his, or her, campaign have a significant impact on the American people. The players know this. Politics is seductive. Addictive.

In Tantra… there are rituals and moments of reflection. Pauses in the erotic process where sensuality and tension combine. There is a precise appreciation for the masculine – shiva – the feminine – shakti – and the state of transcendent bliss once a union between the two occurs. The art of kundalini yoga provides a great basis for understanding the raw appeal of the political life -as a candidate, consultant, or journalist. The hunter always finds his prey. The prey may narrowly escape but the hunter knows the prey will falter – giving the hunter a win. The hunted – a loss.

And then the feast. The lush feast… whether a hunter, or lovers whose hunger turns to carnal desire and ultimately, knowledge. Admit it, politicos: sex is always better after a win and many sleepless nights.

The approach to submission (or a loss) is a matter of heated debate. Some women greet the liberated woman with disdain. Saddled with an antiquated “gotta be married” attitude – they can not fathom why a woman has not asked them for permission to be free. They resent her youth, her self-possession and winning approach. Her self control. Her position as CEO of a company she created, or as the face of a personal brand. Her stature as a single individual. Her ability to acquire sensual and sexual satisfaction in a straightforward way. One need not burn her bra, or be promiscuous, to be liberated sexually. A fetish for Italian and French lingerie, brilliant men, dream jobs, and Sunday afternoons to ourselves is a testament to the success of our Western culture.  From Oprah to Madonna and Tyra Banks, women have declared their independence.

Honestly, Bill Clinton as a husband?  Maybe for a hot weekend but facilitate his success, at the expense of her own – every day – for more than 30 years???  I don’t think so.  No one needs a ring or another last name that badly.   The beauty of being younger is not youth itself – instead, it is shedding the baggage of those who came before us.

The “I don’t need a man” mantra should not be confused with not wanting one… it simply means, a man is a luxury to appreciate.  Nurture.  Shower with affection.  Pleasure.   Take delight in.   Sharing a moment, or a lifetime, is about Choice.  Isn’t that the keyword for the women who came before???

2008 is here. America is choosing her lover. Preferably a formidable and brilliant leader. Politicos and journalists to your places, the hunt is underway. And on Super Tuesday, a feast of pleasure – and election results – will commence. Delicious.

— Media Lizzy