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Billionaire Bob Johnson, founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television) has long been a Billary Clinton supporter.  He is stirring the racial pot by lashing out at Barack Obama.

Click HERE to read the Associated Press story.

My gut take: For my Republican brethren… please stop defending Hillary.  Stop.  Every defense of nuance when it comes to implicit racism, if not overt racism, will be fodder for attack ads after the nominating conventions are over.  Stand for what is right – what is Just – what is best for the nation.  Stop wishing for Hillary in November – because it sounds like an endorsement of Bubba’s nastiness.  It won’t end well.

One other question… will Ted Kennedy stand up in this fight?  Will he break his silence and call Hillary out?  Will he pull a Lloyd Bentsen and remind the world he was brothers with Jack Kennedy – and Hillary is no JFK?

 — Media Lizzy