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When Bill Clinton hands down a comment that starts with a compliment and ends with a muddy turn, those of us who were raised with boys who came from men like HIM — we know he’s using the nice voice his Mama taught him to use when he wants to be mean, but it’s impolite.

Sound convoluted? Welcome to the Good Ol Boys Club. And my weekends and vacations with my best girlfriend and her family in Selma… heavens to betsy. Goodness knows, I dream of that soft Gulf air whenever I am away from the South too long… but I don’t miss the palpable sadness of the history in every clump of red clay.

I believe Barack Obama (setting aside my GOP Girl hat for a moment) may represent the first page in a new era of post-racial politics. He has a real chance, along with Republican leaders like Eric Cantor, to be one of the first statesman from Generation X.

Someone has to lead the Democrats, why not him? Because people like Hillary and Harry Reid are doing such a fabulous job? Gimme a break – Congressional approval ratings are at historic lows. And they haven’t done a damn thing they’ve promised in forty years – no matter who was in charge. Even when they do something right – there is always the “sunset” clause which means: “A deal we cut with each other so we could leave and go to the big game with Abramoff or hang with criminals like Sandy Berger.”

Despite Hillary’s tears, the racism – implicit and perhaps unintended – emanating from her campaign and supporters in wholly unacceptable in the 21st Century. Need an example? Andrew Young’s appalling rant made we wonder about Maynard Jackson turning over in his grave. Bill Clinton’s declaration : “This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen in my life” began an ugly week.   It occurs in the video below right at 2:00 minutes… all I can think – Clinton is a shameful excuse for a Southern man.

And then there is Hillary. Little Miss Sunshine? Not so much. She appeared on Meet the Press this morning for the hour. Guess what? She played victim The entire hour. No tears – just condescension and thinly veiled contempt for the American public stripping her of a cakewalk to the nomination.

I can’t hardly wait for the debate in Nevada on Tuesday night. And I hope Obama lays the smackdown on her in South Carolina. For my Republican friends who feel I have crossed a bridge too far – shut up. We are supposed to be working toward what is best for the country – and that ain’t hoping for Hillary in November.

The real fairytale? That Hillary wants us to buy into her campaign when she associated herself as a Goldwater Girl. Barry Goldwater was a racist prick that voted against the Civil Rights Act. I don’t care what other things he may have said, or done, that is amenable to many in my own party. I miss real Republicans – like Abraham Lincoln.

Below are links detailing the Clinton / Obama smackdown.

— Media Lizzy

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