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Forgive me. But I remain skeptical of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I don’t believe in the “truce” called on the race / civil rights issue. The implicit racism, the threatening undertones, the carefully choreographed victimology – all leading to the South Carolina primary later this month.

There, Democratic primary voters are split almost 50-50 between white and black voters. I do not expect folks outside of the Old South to understand, though many of you do, that what is truest about the Clinton Surrogate vitriol – is that now, Hillary’s campaign assured themselves of a true 50-50 split. Needing only a fraction of the others to carry the day.

While the media focus has been an attempt to divine what black voters will do… the Clinton campaign focused on getting Bubba to the polls. The only word missing from the last ten days of Clinton v. Obama was: Uppity. I am ashamed that so many are misled by so few. Twas ever thus, I know. But that does not make it right, just, or palatable.

Because we are all being forced to eat Bill & Hillary’s bullshit politely with a knife and fork does not diminish – that in fact – it is bullshit.

Pardon my vulgarity but… alas – vulgar people must be described honestly.

— Media Lizzy

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