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I am tired of Reagan.  He was a good man, a better than average president, and remains a Republican icon.  But… he’s dead. The times are different.  And I don’t care who does or does not have policies like Reagan.  It is ghoulish that so many grown men and women are invoking him – over and over.  Ewww.

As a mere mortal – as a unique mortal – no matter how much other politicians may look like him, or sound like him, or develop policies based on Reagan’s philosophy – No one will ever replace him.  Because Reagan is dead.

The relevant issue for 2008: Not who is Reagan-esque – but which candidate has the vision, gravitas, and ability to lead in the 21st Century.

Searching for answers, every morning I read RealClearPolitics.  Today was no different.  The Use and Abuse of Reagan by Victor Davis Hanson is a must read.  It’s easy to deify someone who represents an ideal never quite achieved, or a time when life was a little better, or we were young.  But it is chasing shadows of ghosts who will not raise from the grave and fix things.

Republicans must beware.  We need a new icon.  Any takers?

— Media Lizzy