Demo debate candidates

Hello all,


I hope you all watched the Democratic Debate sponsored by CNN in Myrtle Beach, SC last night. Needless to say, the concept of “Southern Hospitality” and gentility was noticeably absent on the stage. The candidates extended their claws and were ready to go for the jugular. That said, it was a true debate. The candidates took each other to task in order to exploit their weaknesses and highlight their gains.


As you all know, I love the drama. But more than anything, this debate was an example in the failure of the Democratic party and the continual subjugation of the African American community. This debate was sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. The CBC, made up wholly by Democratic members of Congress, is generally a pretty liberal group. It is so disappointing to watch them continue to keep the black community in America dependent on the federal government for aid and support.


Yes…I said it. Bill Cosby has said it. JC Watts has said it. The black community in America is addicted to federal government hand outs. Its a culture of entitlement that is worse than any other dependency factor that exists in America today. Just look at the main topics for the debate portion: the economy, health care, & Iraq. Now, I’m going to dismiss Iraq here because the debate didn’t concern any specific social issues. Blacks make up a disproportionate share of enlisted personnel as a proportion of their population, compared to whites or latinos, in the United States Armed Forces. I want to focus on the economy and health care.


Did you notice that when the candidates were talking about the economy, it was about handouts…poverty credits…government assistance. I didn’t hear anything about small business loans…expanded opportunities for federal work contracts…educational choice…middle class tax cuts. The Democratic plans for bolstering the black economic condition was to feed the addition to federal government support. What really pissed me off was John Edwards’ story about the young black mother who couldn’t afford in the winter to pay for rent and heat for her home. Senator Edwards – if the Democrats would stop trying to block the development of more LNG plants and find new ways to increase supply of these fuels to the American markets, heating bills wouldn’t be so high. It’s supply and demand. The Republican solution is to fix the problem at the source – increase opportunities for supply. The Democratic solution is to limit supply and spend more federal money trying to mitigate the fallout.  Again…the Democrats continue to increase dependency on the federal government for everyday living.


The same goes for healthcare. Their solution is government, rather than market-based solutions. Universal healthcare run by the federal government. Yeah…that’s freakin’ brilliant. Because the federal government does a great job with healthcare…just look at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center…umm…not so much. Democratic solutions include more drugs, more money, more handouts. How about we try education: safe sex…good eating habits that lower chances of obesity. Black folks are different than white folks or latinos or asians. There are certain genetic factors that run predominantly in certain ethnicities. Instead of ignoring those, let’s develop solutions so that the African American community can address their own health issues the way that best works for them. That kind of community-based problem solving needs to be encouraged. With the Democrats, its all about the Federal government providing the generic solution: cash. That’s not going to take care of AIDS, obesity, diabetes, etc. They just don’t get it. 


The Democratic debate last night showed that the primary candidates care nothing more than to continue to provide handouts to a community that has been ravaged by fatalism. I think that is more telling about the difference between Republicans and Democrats than anything else in this election cycle.