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For Republicans, the Florida primary looms. For Democrats – it is all about South Carolina.

As a Republican voter, I’m thinking it’s nice to be a voter in Oregon. We have a late primary and by the time we get our ballots in the mail — the race will long be over.  If, by some weird twist of fate, the GOP has a brokered convention – those of us voting at the end of the primary schedule – will have had oceans of time to figure out what to do.  And opposition researchers will have bought enough cigarettes and whiskey and fast food to feed a fleet of willing dumpster divers.

Voting is supposed to be about what is best for the country. Not picking the guy who will pay staff the most, or has the consultants who are owed the most favors. Who is that man for the GOP? Frankly, I am so unimpressed – I am thankful to vote late. Not one of them inspires. Not even a little.

For Democrats, it is still about race and gender. Hillary & Bill are playing the Third Term for Bill card.  They are relentlessly attacking Obama, engaging in a very un-presidential smear campaign.  Finally, Barack Obama is calling them on it. In doing so, he is playing a powerful – though risky – card.  Hillary relishes the role of victim… but eventually, if Obama’s plays it right – she won’t be a victim.  She’ll just be a nag, and a loser.  Buh-bye South Carolina.

No matter what Bill says – if Hillary comes in second, it’s nothing to be proud of.  It just means she would be the first loser. (Kinda like when they were in the White House the last time)

— Media Lizzy