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I am a Republican. “If you want to vote “Conservative” – then emigrate to country where “Conservative” is actually on the ballot – and is a major political party.

There is much debate about McCain and his campaign finance legislation, BCRA. And his participation in the “Gang of 14.” And many other things he has done over the years to tick off “Conservatives.” My problem with McCain has been tat he never seemed grateful, until the last few months, that He Came Home. Military folks all just rolled their eyes… and yes, here we go.

Mitt “Mittens” Romney is a former Governor of Massachusetts, who – with his multiple positions on issues – drives many “Conservatives” to questions if he is, in fact, one of them. Any time a candidate is cast as a flip flopper – it gets very ugly.

There are no longer any good choices. Fred Thompson disappointed. And now, the question is: Mitt or McCain?

As a Bush girl, it gives me no pleasure – but John McCain gets my vote. It is a very simple choice: Do I vote with the man who has actually servedhis nation, or a man who is a financial wizard? Which is more worthy? Who will do what is right in a national security crunch? Who is most likely to understand what life is really like in base housing? Or on the new D-day, Deployment Day?

Why does the military thing matter more? Because without the men on the front lines fighting for our freedom – expensive parties like the Olympics don’t happen.

—Media Lizzy

Associated Press: McCain and Romney Spar on Iraq Timetable